Dali Gazing Through A Surrealistic Dimension by Francisco Poblet.

​The story of how Francisco Poblet met Salvador Dali

Francisco Poblet

    Dali Lives Through Artist Francisco Poblet

Dreams were the greatest muse of the surrealist painter. So Dali concocted a trick to wake him in time to remember these visions. As he drifted off, he'd hold a key, his hang dangling over a metal plate. When slumber made his hand go limp enough to drop the key, its clanging on the plate would rouse him to return to work. Now that's how you power nap!

          Hello, my name is Carleen, and I am Francisco Ciccio Poblet's Art Representative, my goal is to introduce the world to this amazing and talented artist and writer. Francisco was born in New York in 1932, in the 40's, his father Franco was friends with Salvador Dali. Francisco had already showed artistic talent at the age of 6, and at the age of 11 entered an art competition, and won first place. At age 14 Francisco was introduced to Salvador Dali at a Spanish Conference by his father, and Dali told the young Francisco to meet him the following day at his suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York where he lived with his wife Gala. For three years Salvador Dali mentored Francisco, and although he was stern, he taught him to look into the canvas and to start applying paint and his mind would release the images. He quoted " Every canvas has a painting inside, it is there for the creative mind to find it". 
Francisco has been painting non-stop ever since, he celebrated his 82nd birthday, and paints every single day, over 75 years of experience. On 9-11-2001, Francisco lived near the Twin Towers and was severely injured by the burning debris and "dust of death" from the terrorist attack on America. He would spend the next 10 years hospitalized from his injuries, but never stopped painting the vivid memories from the horrific attack, which is depicted in his 911 Collection of paintings.
Now Francisco spends his time painting, taping interviews and attending his art gallery shows and exhibitions, he is gaining more and more recognition every single day.
It's time to add Francisco Poblet's amazing art to your collection.

About Artist Francisco Poblet                                

Student of the great Salvador Dali 

Salvador Dali, Private Teacher and Mentor

of Francisco Poblet​Salvador Dali,